Nick Scotti Nick Scotti was born in Queens, N.Y., he had an undeniable love for singing, dancing and being creative as far back as he can remember. At age 16 he was discovered by a Model scout in Manhattan, Nick landed his first modeling contract with an agency from Japan where he lived for two years. Nick began modeling and becoming one of fashion's top male models, eventually moving from Japan to France and a few years later Italy. Being photographed by renowned photographers Nick encountered many interesting industry people who appreciated him as a talented artist which later would lead him in other creative career directions.

From writing, singing, acting, Nick found his inspiration and love for creating paintings of modern and abstract art. While living in Los Angeles California, where he was a soap opera actor, "The Young and the Restless" he began to put his thoughts to canvas. "I needed to express myself" Nick explains, "creating my thoughts on canvas felt organic." Nick soon had an impressive collection of paintings which caught the eyes of influential acquaintances in the entertainment industry, through word of mouth his paintings were getting notoriety.

Before long Nick was approached to donate one of his paintings to be auctioned at a yearly N.Y.C. fund raiser, his first donated painting sold for $15,000 dollars. Nick was elated, mostly for giving back but it confirmed his intuition was right, that inner voice that drove him to express his thoughts on canvas was a success. Nick's work has been compared to renowned artists such as Miro and the recently deceased Cy Twomby.